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The purpose of this page is to list all known BOTHWELL researchers.

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Kearney Bothwell
Researching descendants of Jeremiah Bothwell, who was born in Ireland circa 1820 and is listed in the 1850 census as a resident of Whiteside County, Illinois.


Rob Bothwell
Researching Bothwells from Armagh County, Ireland (I have info as far back at 1864) who came to US in 1875 and orginally resided in Jewett City, CT.

Jo Hammond
Researching the decendants of John Bothwell and Barbara Reid of Tarves, Aberdeenshire, born abt. 1755. Family stayed in Scotland until 1900.

Ken Dworschak
Interested in the Bothwell family of Alexander Bothwell which came from Ireland and settled in Drummond County, Quebec in the 1820's. There were eight sons and one daughter, whose families have spread to B.C., Ontario, Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska and elsewhere.

Dagmar Bothwell
Researching the family of the Reverend David Emanuel Bothwell, son of David Bothwell, born 1756 in County Monaghan, Ireland. He studied at the University of Glasgow, where he received his DD (Doctor of Divinity). The presbytery of Monaghan sent him to Queensborough (now Louisville), Georgia where a minister was needed in the growing community. He and his wife Jane Wright, daughter of John Wright and Mary Lowther, also from Monaghan, arrived in Charleston, SC, port on Dec. 25, 1789.

Bobby Boykin
Researching descendants of Dr. James J. Bothwell and Eleanor Hamilton, who resided in Ashville, AL.

Valerie Bothwell
Researching the descendants of William Nassau Bothwell, originally of County Monaghan, and Isabella Hannah.
My husband's family came from WNB's son, also William Nassau Bothwell, and his second wife, Annie Grant of Dundee, married 1876.

Lynda Salvatori
Researching the family of James Bothwell, stonemason married Mary Jane Rule 1833 County Armagh, Ireland- children: William Bothwell, stonemason married to Jessie Taylor McIndoe (McDougall) 1861 in Scotland. Family began in County Armagh where William may have been born. Four other children, Mary, married to David Dempster, John, married to Ellen Poolle, Robert and Thomas were all born in Scotland. Four other sons died. Family emigrated to the US where they wound up in New York and New Jersey. William had a son named James (also a stonemason) and a daughter, Janet. I believe William was the owner of the Ansonia Quarry in Ansonia CT. William and Jessie may have had another son, named William after his father.
Lynda Salvatori

Cristi Haiser
Researching the Missouri Bothwells descended from Alexander Bothwell, originally of Glasgow, SCT, and Catherine Hagen of Wales. They emigrated from Northern Ireland abt 1792 and originally settled in the Virginia/West Virginia/Pennsylvania/Ohio area.
Cristi Haiser

David Brown
Researching the descendants of the Rev. David E. Bothwell, who emigrated from Northern Ireland in 1789 as a Presbyterian minister settling first in South Carolina, then going on to Georgia about 1790.
David Brown

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