The Bothwell Surname DNA Project


Over the past few years, I have been considering attempting to organize a DNA Surname Project for the Bothwell line because I am convinced that the Irish and the Scottish Bothwells share a common heritage, perhaps even a single common Bothwell ancestor.


The problem has been to decide which of the many possible solutions would be best for the project, both on a cost basis and on the basis of the types of tests involved.


I had hoped that role would be filled by the Sorenson DNA Project, run by the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, for a variety of reasons, the SNGF project has been a disappointment.


After waiting more than two years for Sorensen to process my DNA sample and include it in the database, with a pletheora of excuses on their part for the delay, I signed up with the Ulster Heritage DNA group project at FamilyTreeDNA.


Given the difficulty of finding records from Irish sources, I think the DNA testing is the best way for Bothwells to find the elusive links between and Irish and the Scottish branches of the family.


While surname (Y-chromosome) testing is only for males, there are some excellent tests available for both men and women that can give even better results than straignt Y-DNA testing.


I urge all male Bothwells to give serious considerating to having genealogical DNA testing done, whether at Family Tree or somewhere else. And get the test with the most markers you can afford. The more markers they check, the better and more reliable the matches. You should go for at least 37 markers and preferably 67.


IÕve contributed my DNA sample and chart and I urge others interested in Bothwell genealogy to do so as well.

Thanks for your interest.
Kearney Bothwell