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This master file has grown to include more than 26,500 persons in more than 25 distinct Bothwell lines originating from Ireland or Scotland (its about a 50-50 mix although it is almost certain that all the Irish Bothwells ultimately originated in Scotland sometime during or shortly before the Irish Plantations of the 17th Century.)

One thing you will not find in this list is any direct relationship to Mary, Queen of Scots or the Earl of Bothwell. I have attempted to eliminate any entries where the Bothwell is used as a title rather than the individual's surname, as in the case of Mary's third husband, James Hepburn, the 4th Earl of Bothwell. Although he was commonly referred to as Bothwell, his surname was Hepburn and he was not a member of the Bothwell family. To the best of my knowledge and research, no individual with the SURNAME Bothwell has ever held the TITLE of Bothwell. However, there is a connection. The Bishop of Orkney, who performed the marriage between Mary and Hepburn, was Adam Bothwell, who also presided over the coronation of Mary's son as King James VI of Scotland.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this database. However, I know there are many errors and inconsistencies. The information included in this file came from literally hundreds of sources, some contributed specifically for inclusion in this database. Much of the information also has been culled from my own personal research, from various official documents, and from genealogies posted on the internet.

Please help me make this database as accurate as possible. If you see information that you believe to be in error, or if you would like to contact the original source of the information, please contact me at BRC Updates. Please provide as much documentation as you can with your information.

Click here DATABASE to access the database.

To protect the privacy of contributors, requests for contact with the source(s) of information will be forwarded to the source and it will be up to that person to decide whether to follow up on the request. However, if the information came from a publicly posted website, I will provide the email address of the person who posted it.

If you have any information or files you'd like to contribute, please email me at If possible, send any contributions in the form of a GEDCOM file so I don't have to rekey everything (which will help insure I don't introduce any errors into the database).


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